My mentoring approach is based on Confidentiality, Honesty, and Accessibility.
I embrace available technology to achieve a higher level of flexibility of engagement – maximizing communication while minimizing time and geographic constraints.



The process begins with a series of conversations that allow both parties to assess fit and potential outcome. The first mentoring session is generally in person. I come to you. After the first session, mentoring can take place in-person, online, or over the phone, depending on your requirements, availability, and location. Where practical, there may also be an opportunity for you to participate in confidential peer group meetings.


Our one-to-one mentoring sessions are monthly and generally last from one to two hours. The use of online video conferencing affords enormous scheduling flexibility.


Have to make a snap presentation to the Board? Have a challenging pricing decision? Have to make a sudden choice between difficult-to-reconcile alternatives? When required, I am able to meet on short notice, or for multiple shorter sessions, to address specific issues or projects.


Principally business-related, mentoring sessions often also end up incorporating challenging elements from various aspects of your personal life.


Just as my approach is customized to meet your individual needs, my fee schedule is also customized based on your unique situation and requirements.


Schedule an initial call now to discuss how mentoring can help you become even better as an executive. Or if you have a specific issue and want immediate advice let’s set up a video conference: