“Paul has a unique ability to quickly establish a bridge and share clear insights regarding the core issues I was facing. Almost immediately, he managed to walk in my shoes and grasp both what I was saying and what I was omitting. Even though he had never worked in the hotel industry, he made our time together exceptionally worthwhile by identifying relevant principles and quietly, yet directly, posing questions and offering comments that were extremely helpful during a rather challenging period.”

-Franck Arnold, General Manager, The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto





“Working with Paul, I was able to identify the real issues I was grappling with in my management role, to deepen my understanding of those issues in the context of our business, and to sharpen my focus on setting and achieving objectives that have moved us forward.”

-Stephen W. Bowman, Toronto Managing Partner, Bennett Jones LLP





“Trusted advisor may be a cliche, but in my experience Paul is the embodiment of a trusted advisor. On the challenging issues that I faced as President/CEO of a professional services firm, Paul would always listen carefully, ask insightful questions to ensure he understood the issue at hand, and then offered and explored ideas and solutions. I found his advice invaluable. Also, with Paul’s network of corporate executives, he connected me often with individuals who have faced similar issues so that I could obtain their perspective and lessons learned.”

-Gary Komar, President/CEO, Dillon Consulting Limited.





“Paul quickly grasped the leadership challenges in the construction industry, especially those relating to the heavy time demands of my senior role with PCL, and strongly encouraged me to clarify priorities and seek a perspective that gives appropriate weight to business development alongside of operations. He was also effective in helping me manage key personnel issues. Always an excellent listener and a positive voice, Paul advocated balancing the desire for action with the need for restraint.”

-Bruce Sonnenberg, Vice President and District Manager, PCL Constructors Canada Inc.





“Paul has helped me look at business challenges through a different lens, in person as well as online and in real time. His previous CEO experience together with coaching other CEOs helps me connect a wealth of options that could not possibly be achieved in insolation. My leadership skills and development have progressed rapidly over the years with both his theoretical and practical guidance. He has a gift for retrieving the best ideas, perspectives, and possible outcomes simply by asking the right questions.”

– Joe Graci, President, Interwork Technologies Inc.





“Thought provoking, challenging, supportive – Paul is skilled at coaching you to tackle the big obstacles by bringing fresh perspectives to the daily challenges of leadership. He is uncanny in his ability to bring relevant insight to my role as CEO of a large non-profit, drawing on his vast experience in leading organizations entirely different from my own- that is the true gift of insight and wisdom.”

 –Yves Savoie, Chief Executive Officer, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada





“Paul brings genuine insights to the challenging situations a CEO is faced with. Paul gives relevant advice which brings substantial added value. By implementing the tools and the processes he recommends, my entire organization and I experience positive results.”

 –Emmanuel Piec, Plant Manager, Armacell Canada Inc.





Paul´s coaching has been eye-opening. Under his guidance, I have evolved both professionally and personally. He has enabled me to increase my emotional intelligence, become more self-aware, handle stressful situations and overcome professional challenges. He has helped me identify areas for self-improvement, ways to prioritize and focus on manageable tasks. As a consequence, I now have far greater confidence in my skills and analysis and am comfortable projecting genuine self-assurance.


 –Susana del Granado, Corporacion Interamericana para el Financiamiento de Infraestructura, S.A.

Panama City, Panama