Paul A. Tichauer MA (Oxon), PhD (MIT), MBA


Do less. Get more done!


If you’re not adapting how you lead, you’re not fully leveraging your most critical asset – time.


Connect now to learn how the principles of dog fight football can maximize your tangible deliverables!

Need an antidote to the isolation of the corner office
Need an honest, unbiased sounding board who has only your interest at heart

Need to become more adept at accelerating your impact so that issues get resolved before they become crises

Need to strike the right balance between financial performance and risk

You’re not alone. Everyone needs new tools. Everyone needs advice. Everyone needs more focus on priorities.


Everyone needs a mentor.


I offer confidential, one-to-one mentoring centered on the important issues and questions that impact your business, your career and your life. My hands-on experience, broad perspective and objectivity provide practical and valuable direction and support.


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“Paul has a unique ability to quickly establish a bridge and share clear insights regarding the core issues I was facing.”


– Franck Arnold, General Manager, The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto


“Working with Paul, I was able to identify the real issues I was grappling with in my management role, to deepen my understanding of those issues in the context of our business, and to sharpen my focus on setting and achieving objectives that have moved us forward.”


– Stephen W. Bowman, Toronto Managing Partner, Bennett Jones LLP


“Paul displays a gift for retrieving the best ideas, perspectives, and possible outcomes simply by asking the right questions.”


– Joe Graci, President, Interwork Technologies Inc.